Thursday, September 5, 2013

We have picnicked!


  1. The picnic has been one of my favorite events so far! We got sorted into our houses, it was incredibly laid back and casual and just a beautiful day to go to the park and eat some free food! I had never had pizza from that restaurant before and it was phenomanal! The watermelon was pretty fantastic as well. It was lovely to jsut sit and chat with everyone and not have any responsibilities there for a minute. Loved the picnic!
    -Alexa Engles

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the picnic! It is always nice to get to be around fellow honors students for nonacademic reasons. This was towards the beginning of the year too, so it was nice to get even more familiar with everyone. Being in college comes with so many responsibilities, and I really like being able to have down time with people who are just as busy as you are. Because it was still summer it was so hot out, and the geese scared me half to death, but this was honestly something I loved doing! I would definitely say the picnic was a success.

  3. Every year so far I have loved the picnic! Even though I did not get to stay and enjoy the whole thing this year, I always look forward to it. At the beginning of the year it is so hard to get into a routine and become settled into school, and having another get together and hangout time is great. I love getting to meet everyone and learn more about who they are and make friends. As honors students sometimes we focus so much on the academic side that we need lots of practice at the social part of life. The picnic and other similar events are just for that and those are the reasons that I love it so much! I also enjoyed getting to split into our houses at this event. It not only helped to have a casual atmosphere to lessen the stress and formality of it all, but made it so much more fun as everyone got to enjoy the fun side of being a smart kid!

  4. The picnic didn’t fall to provide tasty food and near attacks from the local park wildlife…as always. Kendall showed of her impressive watermelon cutting skills! Being placed into our houses was a neat experience as well.
    Anna Talkington

    1. The wildlife attacks keep life interesting! I think it's really a ploy by Honors to keep us on our toes and help us be able to defend our food and our turf. As always, Kendall is stellar at cutting fruit, it's a serious skill. Meeting the new Honors members and sorting houses is always a great tool for knowing who to ask questions to during the rest of the year.

  5. I enjoyed the picnic despite the fearless ducks nearly attacking us. I enjoy all events when I have the chance to socialize with upper classmen and professors. They help give me insight on what is to come in my future college career. I also enjoyed being sorted into my house. I am a proud member of the Dao house, and I wore my tattoo proudly. The watermelon was also delicious. Way to go Kendall! I can never cut a watermelon into actual slices, it usually ends up being a pile of torn up, uneven pieces.

  6. The watermelon was delicious and the pizza was nice too as always. I liked the idea of the houses winning an award at the end of the semester as an award for having to attend events throughout the semester.
    Ashley Huhman