Monday, August 26, 2013

We have lunched!

And we'll do it again tomorrow.  Thanks to all who turned out and turned in first-round ballots for House names.  If we haven't seen you yet, we hope to see you Tuesday in the cafeteria!


  1. Lunch was a great experience for me. I hadn't known anybody yet, really, so it was good to get to talk to everybody and get to know them better. And who doesn't like lunch right? The lunch really made me look forward to the semester!

  2. I always enjoy getting Honors students together outside of a classroom setting and having them interact in a carefree laid-back environment. I think it helps strengthen us as a program and make connections that if nurtured could last a lifetime. Being able to talk with those members that aren't in our specific class grouping both younger and older contributes to the feeling of belonging I've always persisted in the Honors Program. I especially enjoy having the professors attend with us so that we can speak with them on more equal and relaxed footing. This way we are able to make connections with professors on a level that most students would never be able to and ensures that Honors feels more like a small community than a simple organization.
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