Thursday, August 22, 2013

We have been convoked!

Dr. Mark Hollingsworth plays "Auld Lang Syne"
The 8th Annual Honors Convocation was held on
Thursday, August 22nd at 4 p.m.
Ataloa Theatre, Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center.

Here's what the program looked like:

Dr. Steve Benton, Director, Scholastic Honors Program
Dr. John Hargrave, President, East Central University

The Honors Experience
I. 2012-2013 Honors Teacher of the Year:

Dr. Jennifer McMahon, Professor, English and Languages

II. Undergraduate Research and Engagement
Ashley Huhman, Mathematics
Macy McDonald, English

Convocation Address:
Dr. Mark Hollingsworth, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Presidential Charge:
John Dale, President, Honors Student Association

If you were there, we're eager to hear what you found inspiring!


  1. Convocation was so cool. I especially liked hearing Macy talk about her trip to Wales.I am going to study abroad next year, so it was really cool to hear her describe the culture over in Europe. I loved how she talked about the food too, because that is also something that I was concerned about. If I'm going to be in Europe for five months, it's comforting to know that the food is good! I hope that my time overseas will be just as exhilarating and enriching!

  2. I really enjoyed everything about convocation. I thought it was pretty great how professors and administrators would join us in the walk when they heard the music. Dr. Mark Hollingsworth played the bagpipes beautifully. I can't imagine how hard that instrument would be to play, and he played it extremely well. I've always wanted to study abroad but I've been a little apprehensive about it. Listening to Macy talk about all the things she did and seeing how much fun she had, lessened some of that apprehension. Ashley’s presentation also got me thinking about research and really inspired me to apply for out of state research opportunities. Dr. McMahon’s speech made me think about how important it is, especially with being in the honors program, to get out and get involved. It inspired me to get out of the shell or armor that I've created around myself and go to different events and to try new things.

  3. I was nervous about convocation, with it being the very first thing we did after college started, but I was so impressed! When we started outside of Knight Hall, I did not understand why we were parading all the way there, but as we kept walking, various professors and other important people joined us, and I thought that was very interesting. Not only that, but we were parading to bagpipe music! Once we got to our destination, we got the privilege of listening to a few speakers. I was so intrigued to hear everything Macy had to say about studying abroad, because that has always been a dream of mine to do the same. Seeing the pictures and hearing the stories from her trip to Wales was beyond amazing. It is very fortunate for everyone involved that the honors program offers opportunities such as studying abroad. Convocation was truly a unique experience I will not forget!

  4. Convocation is always an interesting event to me. It’s cool to see all of the presentations and what everyone has been working on or going and doing. I feel like the presentations are always really impressive. My favorite presentation was Macy’s which covered her semester she spent in Wales! It shows off all the intriguing things we do in the program.
    Anna Talkington

  5. I enjoyed going to Convocation. It was a very interesting experience. I enjoyed getting to hear Dr. Mark Hollingsworth play the bagpipe. It was even more amazing that he started playing them later in life, showing that it is never too late to learn a skill you want to do. I especially enjoyed that he was so into it and even wore a kilt! Also, Macy slide show and speech about her trip to Wales was very good. It made me really want to go study abroad there. Everything was so beautiful and she was very enthusiastic about it. Erin Ozment

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed Convocation. I absolutely love music, so getting to hear bagpipes in person for the first time was great. They were so beautiful, and Dr. Mark Hollingsworth did an amazing job. The story of how he learned to play the bagpipes was fascinating to hear. What he did shows that you can do almost anything you set your mind to. I was then thoroughly impressed by Macy's presentation on her study-abroad trip to Wales. All the pictures were so beautiful. Hearing how much she enjoyed it and seeing all the neat things she got to do made me want to go there too, as though I didn't already want to travel! That would be such an amazing trip. All in all, Convocation was a success.
    --Brittany Jolly

  7. I always enjoy interacting with the professors during the convocation process. And the presentations are always interesting to watch even in they aren't over a topic you are especially well versed in. The stories during told by the speakers are always entertaining and humorous. The bagpipe procession is always an interesting endeavor to take part in. Learning how Dr. Hollingsworth learned how to play was an inspiring one and one I thoroughly enjoyed. And hearing how the Honors students from classes before us worked on projects and made friends and connections through the Honors Program only strengthens my certainty that the Honors Program was the right decision for my personal college experience and prospective future. And as I mentioned beforehand however, my favorite part is afterwards where we get to meet and interact with the professors of our respective majors as guides into our chosen future fields of work.
    Tell Jordan