Saturday, December 12, 2015

Honors Grad!

Dr. Mark Walling (Honors Thesis Advisor), Matt Calvert (Honors graduate), Dr. Steve Benton (Honors Program Director)
Congratulations to Matt Calvert, who graduates with Departmental Honors today. Matt's degree is in Human Services Counseling for the Deaf. He delivered a touching student address at the Honors Graduation Ceremony this morning and then was presented with a Departmental Honors silver stole along with cords from the Alpha Chi Honors Society. Matt is also wearing his Rotaract stole. Dr. Mark Walling presented Matt with his undergraduate thesis hood in this morning's ceremony.
Matt Calvert (photo by Christine Pappas)
Matt taught us the ASL sign for "applause," and everyone in attendance is using that sign to help Matt thank his parents, who are deaf, for the help they have given him throughout his college career.

To read Matt's address, please click on the link below.

Friday, September 25, 2015

OKC 2015: Capitoline Busts and Shakespeare's "Caesar"

First stop: Fred Jones.  That's the Emperor Trajan (108 AD) at left in the photo below.
"Immortales: The Hall of Emperors from the Capitoline Museum in Rome." 
This is the first time these works of art have ever left Rome.
When they leave, they're going right back to Rome.
Kyle (on the right).
Emperor Vespasian (69-70 AD) and CJ.
Ashton and an Empress.
Bethany and Emperor Commodus (180-192).
Madison, Lauren, and Octavian (15 BC - 31).
Kaitlyn Stevens (on the right).
Emperor Trajan, Mariah, Elsa, and Talor.
Andrew (on the right).
Sam (on the right).
Next up:  The Galileo Exhibit.
Clockwise: Sean, Erin, Tyler, and Bethany.
That's Galileo in the back, and a friend of Erin's in the center.
Ashton, Wil, Jacob, and Jaime (in the virtual world).
In the Myriad Botanical Gardens.
Whirling Elsa.

 Colin and Hannah.
Jaime, Hannah, Maddie, Ashley, Kaitlyn, Tyler, Elsa, Colin, and Nathan.

Dr. Peters, Colin, Ashton, Hannah, Ashley, Kaitlyn, Tyler, and Holly.

Madison, Tyler R. Ashton, Trevor, Tyler W., Elsa, Linzi, Chisum, Holly, and Nathan.

Next up:  Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park.
Top row: Kenneth, Erin, Andrew, Mariah, Chisum,
Front row: Madison, Mariah, Talor, Ally, Trevor, and Jacob.

Andrew, Erin, Colin, Zeph, Trevor, Paul, and Hannah.

Amanda, Wil, and Jacob.

CJ, Madison's friend, Madison, Kaitlyn, Lauren, and Ashley.
Row 2: Dr. Peters, studying hard.


"Beware the Ides of March."

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rothbaum Lecture and Reception

Dr. George T. Diaz delivered this year's Rothbaum Constitution Day lecture. Honors students met with him following the event for a reception in the Sterling L. Williams Foundation and Alumni Center.
Everyone smile!! We're about to sing "Happy Birthday" to Dr. Peters . . .
Welcome Dr. George T. Diaz to ECU!
 Dr. Diaz and CJ discussing some of the jokes during the lecture.

What did you think of the lecture?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sorting Hat and Picnic

The first tribute of the evening.
All Eurekas praise the infamous chicken!
 Bow to the new Dao members.
 Orenda, it's your turn to create a clever saying to celebrate your victory!

 The small but strong Arete.

Honors Picnic and Sorting Hat Ceremonial--Tonight!

The Honors Director predicts: vuvuzelas, solemn words, scrolls, fortune reading, and an Indiana Jones hat.

You won't want to be late. Arete, Dao, Eureka, Orenda Houses are calling.
5:30 in the Wintersmith Pavilion east of the Lodge (not 6:00 like the Honors calendar says--who made that thing anyway?).

There will also be food and beverage. If you need a ride, e-mail the Honors center ( to let us know!

Again: there will be vuvuzelas.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lunching Honorably

We had a great turnout for Honors Lunch today. Come Wednesday at noon-ish for more.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Kickoff 2015: Wintersmith Lodge

Did CJ just ask an Enduring Question that started a debate between Drs. Grasso and McMahon? Dr. Mount is formulating his answer.

Follow the jump for the Chicken Game video and more pics . . .

2015: Thirty Years of Honors at ECU